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The following are testimonials received from former patients.

"Dr. Gallagher really knows his stuff! I would recommend him to anyone that needs counseling... individual, marital, etc. He is very easy to talk to and addresses what needs to be addressed... he does not beat around the bush, he takes care of business! My husband and I previously attended "relationship" counseling (before we were married) with another person and truly feel we accomplished more with Dr. Gallagher in one session than during all six or so sessions we attended with the other person. I highly recommend Dr. Gallagher."
-- B.M.
"Dr. Gallagher helped us establish a behavior plan for our child. Dr. Gallagher was very helpful, detailed and a huge help. He made us feel welcome and understood our views, not criticizing."
-- T.W.
"Dr. John P Gallagher performed family and personal counseling. Dr. Gallagher is very talented. His approach is very much common sense and magnetic. He helped me establish some ground faults in my life."
-- K.T.
"Despite ongoing treatment for a thyroid deficiency, my wife continued to have memory, attention and sleep problems. We came to Dr. Gallagher, who determined that my wife's thyroid problem was not being adequately treated. His advice on diet changes in the interim brought on an immediate, dramatic improvement, and he referred us to a specialist who prescribed supplements that have completely resolved the issue."
-- M.W.
"I was having discipline problems with my children. My tactics were not working. Dr Gallagher helped me develop & implement an effective discipline strategy for any children. If I ever have problems in the future, I will go back to Dr Gallagher. Dr Gallagher is interested in fixing the problem(s) ASAP. He does not string you along."
-- L.S.
"I remember it was in our second or third session with Dr. Gallagher. My wife and I were seeing him for marriage counseling. At one point he interrupted us saying, "You people love each other. You have simply got to learn to stop acting like you don't." That's when things really turned around for us. All told, we had five sessions with him and that made all the difference."
-- P.K.
"I had spent $15,000 putting my son in Valle Vista Hospital. All I needed was Dr. Gallagher's $5.00 booklet."
-- G.N.
"We originally came to see Dr. Gallagher for marriage counseling. Dr. Gallagher genuinely cared about us individually, as well as a married couple. He first addressed the issues that we had as a couple; things that bothered us about each other, then things that bothered us about ourselves. He helped us develop a deeper respect for one another, allowing us to find better venues to discuss our differences, without disrespecting one another. Dr. Gallagher discussed ideas for exchanges between us that would stimulate conversation and, hopefully action, to bring us closer to our goals as a couple. He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about alternatives to the normal way of thinking, which aided us in feeling better about ourselves and our marriage. We are forever grateful, Dr. Gallagher, thank you!"
-- C.K.
"I am a single mother and I was having terrible problems raising my 17-year-old son, Michael. He was fine at school and got great grades but he treated me horribly. He was so disrespectful and defiant! In my first session with Dr. Gallagher I met with him without my son. Dr. Gallagher outlined a plan for doing discipline with Michael that was so simple and straight forward that I just knew it had to work even though nothing I had previously tried had worked, and I had tried a lot of things. The only reason I showed up to see Dr. Gallagher for the second session is to tell him how well his plan did work and to express my gratitude. That was truly an 'open and shut case."
-- L.A.
"I went to see Dr. Gallagher for issues I was having with anxiety and panic attacks. We met several times over the course of a year. We discussed my issues and he provided me with many techniques, such as relaxation exercises, charting my anxiety, and vitamin and protein therapy to try and reduce my anxiety and panic attacks. Dr. Gallagher was very understanding and sincere but he also made sure he held me accountable for my actions. He was a great "coach" through all of my anxiety issues. He made time for me last minute and took the time in those appointments to really examine me. Dr. Gallagher tried several techniques and when those didn't work to his liking, he didn't give up. He researched more exercises. This persistence really made me feel that I was important and that he was concerned about my overall health. Today I am happy to say that with the exercises Dr. Gallagher has given me, I am able to handle my anxiety in a much different way."
-- E.J.
"We went to see Dr Gallagher for our teenage son after discipline had gotten entirely too stressful and full of conflict. Dr. Gallagher introduced us to his Time-Outs for Teens program that gave us a new way to discipline that was completely drama-free. This program has enabled me to not dread or avoid discipline and instead work it into our life in a way that does not interrupt our family. It worked so well for us that we implemented it with our younger children and they really like it much better than the standard grounding. Additionally, this program works great for blended families as it transitions seamlessly to both houses. It is a great way to have consistent discipline without having to "enforce" a punishment that you didn't give. Anyone that has a teen, or a child soon to be one, should at least talk to Dr. Gallagher to see if this program will work for their family. It is a unique option that works wonders."
-- H.L.
"Dr. Gallagher truly saved my marriage. I had already hired an attorney when my husband and I first met with him and we went from arguing over custody to an incredibly happy marriage. After trying several different therapists and all failing, Dr. Gallagher offered us a unique perspective on therapy and repairing our marriage that helped us focus on all of the positives. Once we did that, the negatives became incredibly manageable. I have recommended him to everyone I know, whether the future of their marriage is in crisis, or they just need a bit of a tune up."
-- H.L.
"Each meeting, our time was well spent and we quickly delved to the heart of matters. We were having behavioral issues with our 10-year-old son. We learned some good discipline strategies and were even supplied with a small guide to successfully use time-out to help him get better control of himself. Our foster daughter suffers from depression and we learned to manage this without prescription medication. We are very satisfied that so much was accomplished and in just a few sessions!"
-- B.P.
"We had seen several therapists in the past year about our seven-year-old prior to seeing Dr. Gallagher. They all seemed perfectly confident about what they were saying but Dr. Gallagher is the only one who made a difference and he did that in two sessions."
-- T.M.
"I am not sure how Dr. Gallagher stays in business. Why? Because he really is too good! Seriously! I have been looking back at the last two years of my life and I realized that I am so much better off now because of the six sessions I had with him two years ago. I've given psychotherapists before him thousands of dollars to do much less over the course of years. He changed my life in SIX sessions! I think about that quite a bit. I talk about him whenever I feel its appropriate for someone who is in need."
-- J.W.