5524 So. Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46237
(317) 781-1917

Dr. John Gallagher, Psychologist -- Couples, Family & Individual Counseling

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Many people feel awkward about scheduling an appointment with a therapist, especially those who have never been in counseling before. Feeling concerned or apprehensive at the outset is certainly understandable.

Receive practical solutions in a pleasant and reassuring atmosphere

You will likely find your first appointment interesting, pleasant and almost certainly reassuring. My goal is to help you understand and develop practical solutions for the emotional, interpersonal or family problems that brought you to this point.

Effective counseling does not have to be a prolonged or painful process

You can generally count on leaving your first session confident that I understand the problems you have presented and have clear concrete solutions to offer. Half of my cases are closed in under six sessions, most with good and lasting results.