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In keeping with calls for social distancing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, I am now offering psychological services exclusively by means of video conferencing. Taking such steps to prevent infections helps to save the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

Here’s how it works

  • At the time of our first telephone conversation or email exchange I will ask you about the nature of your concerns and determine what scheduling constraints you may have.  I will then email you a link to an electronically-secured site for patient registration.  There you will be able to complete, electronically sign and submit this documentation to me. 

    I will be using DocHub.com for sending and receiving these documents which provides the electronic security appropriate for handling HIPAA and financial information (See DocHub.com). If you prefer, I would be happy to send you a copy of the patient registration packet by email, however I suggest that you return the packet to me by U.S. Mail or fax, as unencrypted email is not an entirely secure form of communication.
  • Once I receive these documents, I will contact you to schedule an appointment time. I see patients between 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM, Tuesday through Friday. When the appointment has been scheduled, I will send you an email or text with a URL link to my on-line “waiting room.”  I have selected a video conferencing platform recommended by the Indiana Psychological Association, which is compliant with insurance industry guidelines, HIPAA requirements and Indiana law. 
  • At the time of your appointment, you will click on the URL link I sent you and sign in with your name, which will notify me that you are available online.  I will finalize the connection, allowing video and audio communication.
  • In the event of technical difficulties, you will be able to reach me on the office phone (317-781-1917).

I appreciate your patience during these challenging times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance pay for this?   

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak the insurance industry has gone to great lengths to promote video conference-based counseling. I have selected a video conferencing platform called Doxy.me, recommended by the Indiana Psychological Association, which is compliant with insurance industry guidelines, HIPAA requirements and Indiana law.

Insurance generally pays for video conference-based counseling just as it does for in-person psychological services. Your insurance contract may specify that you are responsible to pay for some or all of the cost of your treatment. For example, you may have a copayment for each session, or an unmet deductible that must be paid down before your claims begin to be paid by insurance. I encourage you to contact a Customer Service Representative at your insurance company directly to determine the extent of your coverage for “tele-health mental health services.” Of course, you are responsible for paying any unreimbursed charges.

Can I access the video conference using my equipment?

If your cell phone, tablet or computer has a microphone and a webcam, and you know how to go to a website on the internet, you can use this service.  No software downloads are required.

For more information on video conferencing, see the Appointments page.